Who We Are


The aim of Companion Homecare is to deliver the highest quality and consistent care to the people in the Area, who need it whilst maintaining their independence and community inclusion. Companion Homecare aims to provide enough support to people in their own homes to allow to stay at home for the longest possible time, this includes specialist care, palliative care, personal care, 24hr general care support and cleaning.

We ensure that all our care packages are bespoke and tailored to the individual needs of all of our clients and their families in order that we provide a holistic care package to all.
We attempt to maintain a core team of carers for each client to promote continuity of care and support, through this we ensure our clients feel comfortable and trust in those caring for them. A lot of our clients and their relatives see Companion Homecare staff as an extension of their family network.

We liaise with families and all persons involved in the care / support of our clients.

All plans of care are agreed, and goals, target and aspirations are set together.Robust risk assessments are put in place to ensure that our clients are safe not only whilst we care for them but in their environment during periods when we are not. In line with this we have a 24hr on call line for emergency situations, we pride ourselves on our response to this kind of situation We have developed a personalised approach to care planning which means that every care package is uniquely tailored to the individual, taking into consideration their wishes and needs plus those of their families.
We employ local people to work in the area’s where they live; thus ensuring
continuity and consistency of care and eliminating the need for carers to travel great distances between calls making sure each client gets exactly the time they are paying for in a professional and unhurried manner.

We consistently review our care provision through audit and satisfaction surveys.
All service users are visited regularly and asked their views on our service, we also send out satisfaction surveys to service users, relatives and visiting professionals.
In addition to this our Manager and senior staff do spot check visits on care staff, and supervision and appraisal are carried out regularly.

We are inspected by CQC (Care Quality Commission) and are compliant in all areas of provision.

We pride ourselves on our care provision and reputation and have a robust
complaints procedure should anyone become dissatisfied with any area of our care or support provision.


About Us


If you have ever felt the need of getting family like care for the elders in the comfort of their own home, then you have come to the right place. We, at the Companion Homecare are always there for extending support and cater to the needs of people who want it.  Our specialty is to take complete care of senior citizens, and for that, we have a variety of services to offer.

Our services include living in care, where a trained individual supports elders and is an expert in personal care, palliative care, dietary care, housekeeping, companionship, etc. Likewise, nursing care, home care, emergency care, and many others. For more information on each of these, we request you to kindly contact us.


So How Do We Begin?

In the initial telephone conversation, our executive will inform you of the costs of all the packages and the services that are available in each. Once you confirm, the next step is to have the manager of the Homecare Agency to visit your place and have a direct meeting. This will ensure providing the appropriate package after deciding the requirements. And the highlight is- this is done free of charge!

What’s more?

Your trust is most important to us. As a gesture from our part, we inform you that the CQC, i.e., the Care Quality Commission regulates our institution, and that is only due to the quality of services and assistance people get from here.